SML Regular Events

Our Monthly Meets

SML host monthly shoots on the last Sunday of each month after our club meeting.  Meetings begin at noon, followed by a potluck lunch and target shooting afterwards.

A different club member volunteers to host the following months shoot.  That host is responsible for determining the targets and distances for their shoot, and it can be pretty interesting when the imaginations run wild.

Club shoots are always open to the public and we welcome any visitors to drop in, and see what we are all about.  Visitors are also welcome to bring and shoot their own black powder guns; please understand no modern firearms are allowed.  If you don’t have a muzzle loader, but would like to try your hand at shooting one, there are many members who would be more than happy to coach you with one of theirs. Ear and eye protection is strongly encouraged, and usually not provided by the club.


The Skagit Muzzle Loaders host our own rendezvous each year in May.  Traders and primitive campers begin arriving as early as Thursday.  There are other groups that use our grounds several times a year to host their own Rendezvous’s.

Our rendezvous’s are free and open to the public. As a family oriented club, we encourage all  to come out an see what we are all about.  As well as primitive traders, we also have some modern vendors plying their wares, there are demonstrations by blacksmiths, with a potluck Saturday to be shared by all.

We have a wonderful traveling black powder museum, whose curator that can answer all your questions about black powder and the history of a era long gone.  We have youth activities, and children’s games that earn prizes as well as History Hunts, and a Candy Cannon that sends candy into the air several times on Saturday to everyone delight!  Come see a primitive camp where visitors can visit with the participants about their collections, however we do ask that you respect the campers privacy and personal property during your visit. Please keep pets leashed if you bring them.


Skagit Muzzle Loaders is located northwest of Sedro-Woolley, Washington at 6806 F & S Grade Road.  For shoot meetings and rendezvous, the gate will be unlocked and a sign posted near the road.  In the event of a burn ban, an alternate site will be announced.