Rondy Friends…

A few items of interest: the Whidbey Island Rendezvous is coming up this August 9th, 10th & 11th. Host is Greene’s Gunshop. If you haven’t been out there then your missing one heck of a resource. Also if your hungry for anything Samuel Hawken, his life, his rifle and his legacy; Claudettes new blog is right where you want to go.

Also coming up October 19th is the S. Hawken Birthday Shoot also at Greene’s Gunshop. Period dress is appreciated, this is a blanket prize shoot followed with a potluck aftwards.

Now on to the creme a la creme! Skagit Muzzleloaders has 4 members who right now are attending the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous in Seneca Oregon. Members Dan Lamping , his son Jedediah Lamping; who just recently retired from the Navy, (Thank you Jed, for your service!) Shakey Ron and Bill Velacich. The Pacific Primitive Rendezvous is is a closed event with very strict guidelines. Check out their websites for previous rendezvous. Hopefully we will have some pictures and stories from our guys once they return. Pics below left t o right: Bill Velacich, Dan Lamping, and Shakey Ron. Picture on right is Jedediah Lamping


Greene’s Gunshop

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