October Hawken Shoot

 Let’s just say it is another beautiful day here at: “The Hawken Shop” for the Sam Hawken’s Birthday shoot, It is raining but not too bad, but we have also a change in the plan to shoot any paper targets, We will be shooting at Gongs only, I believe 20 shots, and looks like there is somewhere around 20 to 25 shooters. One of the great things is that everybody that would like to, will have a chance to shoot an original Hawkins Rifle, “What a rifle bet you are not wishing you were here” just remember next year is only 360 days away.   The shoot went off quite well, and lots of great potluck eats, and that great Lemon Cake that everybody looks forward to.
Thanks for a great time


Photos courtesy of Debbie Velacich 2019

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R.I.P. Dale Emery McCalib

  Dave Emery McCalib

On September 28, 2019 Dale Emery McCalib, 84, Passed on to greener pastures. Dale was an avid outdoors-man who enjoyed going hunting, fishing and camping. He was also an active member of the Burlington Eagles, A longtime member of Skagit Muzzle Loaders, and a large influence in the forming of the Mount Vernon Centennial Celebration Group “the George Washington Association.”  (A marching group in the Rose Bowl Parade in 1976 and just about every parade in Washington State he could make it to in 1976). Dale is survived by his wife of 64 years, Beverly; the family suggests they be made to Alzheimer’s Research. Cremation arrangements are under the direction of Lemley Chapel, Sedro-Woolley. Share memories of Dale and sign the online guest register at www.lemleychapel.com.

We convey our sincerest condolences to Beverly and family at this time of loss, and remember that you are not alone.

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R.I.P. Randy “Grizz” Adams

It is a sad day for Skagit Muzzle Loaders to say good bye to a long time member and a person that held several offices with SML

   Randy “Grizz” Adams Passed away in his sleep, on August 19, 2019 at the age of 60, There will be a celebration of life at the Burlington Lutheran Church located at 134 E. Victoria, in Burlington Wa @ 1:00 Saturday September 7th

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kris, his wife and the Adams family at this of mourning. This loss will be felt for a long time to come. R.I.P. Grizz.

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Our Trip To PPR

Our Trek To Shaky Town By Bill Velacich

After the Interlake Rendezvous, I had 2 days to act ready for the unknown of the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous.The four of us took off on a Wednesday morning in 2 trucks. Dan & Jed in one,  me & Shaky Ron in the other. We drove as far as Pendleton Ore the first night. Our first night, we used our bedrolls on the ground at a KOA. Kinda weird to start a mountain man week with motorhomes, generators, and rules up the kazoo, but being burned and butt tired, nobody really complained…out loud.
Pulling into Seneca the next day, we found out the site wasn’t to open till Friday morning. Sitting in the sun being eaten by blood-sucking mosquitoes, we were able to meet some of the other Rondy goers. We learned we could walk in, find a camp and put up our tripods to stake our spot. Another tip when arriving as early as we did; we needed to get in line for camp registration. Lucky us, we were 5th in line. The bed rolls came out again for the night. Note to self: remember to pack DEET, and ya better make it the strongest you can find because those BS (bloodsucking… my what a dirty mind we have)  mosquitos are like something I rather hope to avoid in the future.The gates opened at 0:700 the next morning, I usually am not a person who does anything before that morning cup of joe, but our camp was up and the excitement of being on site had hit me. The week was filled with friends, old and new, camp stories flowed;  some spiritual & raw, some I’m pretty sure, not true. But whos to say… its all in the spirit of a rendezvous. We bought some bread mix from the girl at the end of Traders Row, and that’s what we called her. “Girl at the End Of Traders Row”. We learned to cook that bread mix on a dutch oven… umm, actually we learned how to “not” burn bread on a dutch oven… Ain’t that right Jed.  Practice, practice, practice. There was George of the PowderHorn Camp who is from Prescott AZ. He called his trading post “Blind Dog” because his dog Dioge was blind. Darn good old boy, Dioge.How did we come to be Shaky Town… When the time came to fill out our safety cards, we had wanted a camp name. Dan Lamping, a big smile on his face, came up with the idea to name our camp in honor of the Factor of the NWC Shaky Ron. So it is written, by Jed Lamping in the charcoal from our campfire on a piece of canvas, Skaky Town.

And then the calmness of no phone service or vehicles, no generators… just the quiet of a lantern burning in the growing dusk as the camp settles in for the evening. A chance to understand just what it was like to have darkness at night.

From Dan Lamping

On June 12th, Bill Velacich, Ronald LaCount, Jedediah Lamping, and myself left for the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous in Seneca, Or. We made it to Pendleton, Or., the first night and stayed at a KOA campground. We didn’t set up a tent and slept on the ground in bedrolls. The next day we made it to the rendezvous site. We couldn’t set up until Friday. So, Thursday night we parked at the gate and slept on the ground again, in bedrolls again. The MOSQUITOES ABOUT PACKED US OFF, NO BUG DOPE! The next day we set up our camp that was home for the next week. There were 328 camps, over 600 people, and lots of traders. Next year the Pacific Primitive is in Paisley, Or. It was a great time, spent with great friends. We met lots of great people and made some great new friends. If you ever get a chance to go one, you will not regret it.  

Shaky Ron

I enjoyed that we had 4 shelters between us so I stayed in Bill’s shelter used mine to store our provisions. Hassles? not really everyone played along. my only regret was I did not take more pictures.  

Photos courtesy of Dan Lamping/ Published by Debbie Velacich

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4th of July

Each year for quite a few years now Skagit Muzzleloaders has entered a float in the Sedro Woolley’s 4th of July parade. Although we have yet to win 1st place, last year we came in 2nd, we will definitely give it our all.  This year our float will feature a Mountain Man’s camp w/members sitting around a campfire, doing chores, also group members will be in full Mountain Men attire be walking behind the float firing their rifles into the air.

Sedro Woolley’s parade is Washington State’s longest continually running parade; the first parade was in 1886 and thru the years has changed.  Now days the celebration runs for 7 days, from June 28th till July 4th. Everything from the rodeo,chainsaw carving, Street dancing, fireworks display, also a Logger compactions, and much more.

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Rondy Friends…

A few items of interest: the Whidbey Island Rendezvous is coming up this August 9th, 10th & 11th. Host is Greene’s Gunshop. If you haven’t been out there then your missing one heck of a resource. Also if your hungry for anything Samuel Hawken, his life, his rifle and his legacy; Claudettes new blog https://talkinhawken.com/ is right where you want to go.

Also coming up October 19th is the S. Hawken Birthday Shoot also at Greene’s Gunshop. Period dress is appreciated, this is a blanket prize shoot followed with a potluck aftwards.

Now on to the creme a la creme! Skagit Muzzleloaders has 4 members who right now are attending the Pacific Primitive Rendezvous in Seneca Oregon. Members Dan Lamping , his son Jedediah Lamping; who just recently retired from the Navy, (Thank you Jed, for your service!) Shakey Ron and Bill Velacich. The Pacific Primitive Rendezvous is is a closed event with very strict guidelines. Check out their websites for previous rendezvous. www.pacificprimitiverendezvous.com Hopefully we will have some pictures and stories from our guys once they return. Pics below left t o right: Bill Velacich, Dan Lamping, and Shakey Ron. Picture on right is Jedediah Lamping


Greene’s Gunshop http://www.greenesgunshop.com/

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Skagit Muzzle Loaders Rendezvous May 17-19, 2019

Weather was iffy there for a bit, but turned out beautiful. We had a great time, cant wait for the next one. If you missed it, hope to see you next time!
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