About Us

Skagit Muzzle Loaders was established in 1978 buy a group of friends with an interest in shooting muzzle loading firearms.  Over the years the club has grown from the original 12 to 50± active members/families.

Among the objectives of Skagit Muzzle Loaders is the promotion of the shooting sports, particularly that of black powder firearms, thereby preserving our national heritage in that regard, including the advancement of amateur competitions in marksmanship and in the safe handling and efficient use of small arms.

We are a very social group and have a really great time.  Please join us!

Photo credits:  Thanks to Duane Gish, Josh Smith, Sherry Mills, Janel Woiwod, Donna Manke and Gregg Holmes for allowing the use of their various photos throughout the site – it’s much appreciated.